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One of the things I am painfully aware of at this time of year, is that many of us are good at writing lists and goals and ‘resolutions’ but are not willing to do anything different.

For many of us, we seem to think that this equation might work:

Do Same Stuff + More Same Stuff = Different Result

My first book comes out this month and I wanted to share the story of its creation with you, as it was ‘born’ as an idea a long time ago. It was not a New Year’s Resolution, more a nagging in my brain that I really should write some stuff down as it may well be useful for people in professional services who are new to management.

The story of my book may well get you thinking about what you might do differently this year. In truth, the story is still on-going, as change takes time, confidence and risk-taking.

In short, it goes something like this:

• 2007 – 2009 – I wanted to write a book
• 2009 – 2011 – I write some words. They sit on my PC.
• 2012 – I have a baby and think “I’ll write the book when I am on maternity leave”. I really had no clue about babies!
• 2013 – 14. I still wanted to write a book.
• 2015 – I finally pluck up courage to go on a book writing course.
• Jan 2016 – Book is published

So, what made the difference and what might you take from this as we enter a New Year?

I recognised that it was not time (the excuse I used) holding me back. It was fear of failure mixed in with a little of not knowing where to start. In truth, I did not conquer the fear, I just decided that I would ‘give it a go’ and see what happened.

I surrounded myself with people who were on the same journey. I cannot stress how important this is. As the saying goes “who you hang out with matters.”

I had to give up stuff that I liked to make it happen. I have watched less TV in 2015 than ever. And I blocked social media from my ‘phone for big periods of time.

In a nutshell:

Different Behaviour + Different Choices = Different Results

I wonder what your “different” will be in 2016?


(PS – To find our more about the book or log your interest ahead of publication, click here)


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I began my career as a Chartered Surveyor but, after moving into management roles that included a Partnership role at EC Harris LLP working with the then CEO, I realised that the thing I loved most about work was helping others develop. With this in mind, I set up Chaseville in 2009 to help individuals and teams develop and reach their full potential. As Director of Chaseville, I design and implement programmes for 12-250 people and support HR departments and CEOs with their people projects. I am based in Chester and work across the UK.

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