Being overlooked for promotion? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself.

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I was once told by a CEO at a successful construction consultancy that the best way for someone to succeed in his business was for them to “make sure they were in people’s minds when something needs doing“.   In saying this, he was essentially acknowledging the psychology of human nature which dictates we all naturally want to work with people we like, and who we …

Whose career is it anyway?

Sue Willcock Food for Thought

Years ago I was pondering over a big life decision that I needed to make around my job and where I lived as a result. It was a hard decision – I asked friends their opinion, sought advice from family and, well, anyone who would listen, to be honest. I think even a visiting dog had its ear bent one …

Leadership Lessons from The Behaviour Expert

Sue Willcock Food for Thought

I am currently leading a development programme for some 200 Team Leaders and this week saw us host one of our “Inspire” events for some 30 of the group.  These events are designed as session to give delegates something a little different to cogitate and (importantly for everything we do) be fun, engaging and practical so it can be applied …

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The 5 key people challenges in property and construction (and the questions to ask yourself to stop them affecting your business)

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As a result of working with contractors, developers and construction consultants, I can see broad ‘people development’ themes which emerge as a cause of decreased efficiency which, regardless of market conditions, hit the bottom line. Not all of these will apply to every organisation, but the themes I’ve seen across different types of organisations within the sector see can be summarised …

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How to…prioritise stuff

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I’ve used this matrix countless times to help me, my teams and clients focus on what really matters. As an example, you could use this: To clear your mind of ‘noise’ and explore what should be a focus for you/your business/your team/project In a brainstorming session to re-prioritise activity if business direction has recently changed. With a team, to agree what’s …